In conjunction with our Article on the Disability Discrimination Act and its effect on events, please find below 10 Commercial Reasons to address the Disability Discrimination Act:

1 – £91bn estimated annual spending power of disabled people
2 – Accessibility is an important commercial consideration
3 – Approximately 12.4m disabled people in the UK alone
4 – Disabled people can and do influence choice
5 – Everyone wins when access is better
6 – Service providers have a legal duty to think about access
7 – Making reasonable adjustments reduces liability and risk
8 – Damage to reputation if you do not comply
9 – Loss of business
10 – Compensation expense

For more details on the Disability Discrimination Act and your role as an Event Organiser please click here

Source: Adapted from the original article written by Michael McGrath for Meetings & Incentive
Travel magazine, October 2009.

Michael McGrath is the only disabled person in the world to have successfully led expeditions to two of the most inaccessible places on Earth – the North and South Poles.

For more information on Michael McGrath and what he can do for you, please visit Michael’s website

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