Please find below a list of common questions. Should you wish to discuss in more details please contact us on 0845 8902904 and we will be happy to explain further.

How does your service work if we don’t pay you / How do you get paid if your service is free? The venue pays us a commission for bringing new business to them.


How do I book a venue? To begin with, after an initial discussion regarding your event requirements, we will research and provisionally book suitable venues on your behalf at no obligation to you. Following further discussion and a site visit if required, if the event is to go ahead we would instruct the chosen venue to send you formal contracts and their Terms and Conditions. You will need to sign and return this to confirm the event with the venue.

Until a contract is signed and returned to the venue, all space is considered provisional.


Does the commission paid to you increase what we pay? No, quite often we are able to negotiate exclusive rates due to our excellent working relationships with the venues, as we could be using them for several different clients.


How quickly can you find us a venue? We will send you a written proposal usually within 1 or 2 days, depending on the event brief. The more information we have regarding your event and objectives initially, the more accurately we can direct our research.


How many venues will you source for us? We aim to offer 4-8 suitable venues for each enquiry and will always advise you of venues that are unable to accommodate your event. This will depend on the event brief and venue availability.


How soon before a potential event do we need to contact you? The sooner we receive the brief increases the chance of securing availability at the right venue for you at the best available price.


Who does our company have to pay for the event – you or the venue? All contracts and payments are done direct between the client and the venue.


Do we pay more in the long run for using you, as opposed to booking directly with a venue? No, the rates we quote you are exactly the same rates we are quoted by the venue. The venues do not inflate the rate to compensate for our commission and there are no hidden costs for using our services – it is free to you. You will also benefit from time saving by outsourcing this work to us, allowing you to concentrate on your daily tasks.


Do I need insurance for our event? We recommend that you consider insurance against cancellation or postponement for your event. This will depend on your investment into the event.

Insurex Expo-Sure are specialists in this field, see www.expo-sure.com for more details.

Or click here to see our Addtional Services page.


Will I need insurance cover for a team building event? We strongly recommend that any external suppliers you use must have their own public liability insurance and that your legal department approves it.


Can you source venues other than hotels? Yes, we can also source non-residential venues – sporting grounds, theatres, conference centres, training centres, as well as more unique venues such as castles, historic homes, museums, yachts, trains, cruise ships and more!


Do you source venues internationally? Yes, we do not limit our venues sourcing to the UK. To date we have successfully sourced venues for clients in Ireland, Sweden, Portugal, USA, India and the Seychelles!


I have been asked to organise a sales meeting for the company in an area that I am not familiar with! I do not have the time to look for and call hotels. Can you help me? Yes, our Venue Sourcing service will save you time, effort and money and allow you to concentrate on your core activities. We will identify, contact and make provisional bookings at suitable venues on your behalf. All this for Free!


The company director has asked me book a golf day for clients, but I know nothing about golf! Can you help me? Yes, we can guide you through the process from start to finish. We are keen golfers and have worked at prestigious golf courses in the UK, America and Australia. We have also written a golfing glossary to help you with popular terms and can offer our Golf Day Event Management Service to take the pressure off you! Click here for more details on our Golf day service, Golfing Glossary and Golf Day Event management service.


I really don’t have time to organise the event on the day, can I get someone else to do that for me? Yes, we also provide an Event Management Service which is tailored to your requirements. Please click here for more information.


We want to arrange a works Christmas party but have never booked one before, how will we organise meals, drinks and accommodation too? Call us today on 0845 8902904 and we can do all this for you! Click here to be redirected to our dedicated Christmas Page.


Will I be charged a fee if I don’t book the event? No, our Venue Booking services are free to you. Provisional bookings are made on your behalf at no obligation to you. If the event does not go ahead, we will release the venues accordingly. This will not incur a fee.
However, if you sign a contract with a venue to confirm your event and then decide to cancel or change date, then you might be liable for cancellation charges according to the venue Terms & Conditions.


Can the venue charge us more than you quote us? No, the price we quote you is the same price that the venues have quoted us. This will all be documented in any formal contracts with the venue should your event go ahead.


Can we visit the potential venues before confirming? Yes, we actively encourage you wherever possible to visit venues short listed for your event. This allows you to experience the venue first hand and potentially discuss the event with the venue. We can arrange site visits on your behalf.


What charges are there if I cancel the event before confirmation? There are no charges if you cancel an event prior to signing a formal contract with the venue or paying a deposit to the venue.


What charges are there if I cancel the event after signing the contract or paying a deposit? Should you need to cancel a confirmed event, the venue’s Terms and Conditions will come into effect and will determine the level of cancellation charges incurred. If you do need to cancel an event, it is advisable to do so as soon as possible as in some instances if the venue is able to resell some of your cancelled space, this could reduce your cancellation charges.


Will I be charged for reducing numbers or significantly changing details for the event after signing a contract? Yes potentially. This will depend on the level of changes you need to make, in accordance with the venue’s Terms and Conditions. If you do need to make alterations, it is advisable to do so as soon as possible as in some instances if the venue is able to resell some of your cancelled space, this could reduce your cancellation charges. If you do significantly change the event, venues reserve the right to requote you based on your new requirements.


Can I increase numbers for my event? Yes, subject to availability.


What if we don’t like the venues that you source for us? Once we have received the brief we will research, contact, check availability and offer you a selection of suitable venues. We actively encourage you to visit the venues to assess their suitability for your event. If after this stage the venues chosen are not suitable, we will review the brief with you and continue our research until we source a suitable venue.


Our event involves speakers and presentations, how do we hire flipcharts, microphones, AV (Audio Visual) equipment etc? In most cases the venue will either have their own preferred supplier based at the venue or will have a list of approved suppliers to assist with your AV requirements.


If we wanted to have entertainment, guest speakers, pyrotechnics – who could organise that? We have a growing network of suppliers who can assist with your requests. Click here for details of external suppliers.