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Using the latest technology can be an important tool in getting the message across at your next event. We have identified below some key points to consider when creating the maximum effect from your AV.

Establish your objectives and budget – How are you going to communicate the essential message of your event? Are details of images vital to the delivery of the message, or is their purpose solely to add a vibe to a themed event?

Location, location, location – that all important word! Consider the size and layout of the venue along with audience numbers as this will dictate the size and number of screens needed. Can screens be placed above head height? Does the venue have drop down screens already in the room? Is there enough space to accommodate projection distances? Can you save money on sets and screens by projecting onto walls?

Accessibility– how tall and wide are the access doors, are there lifts and loading bays as AV equipment is often heavy and bulky?

Timings – What time can you access the room to set up? How much time do you need to dismantle everything afterwards? Make sure your AV company knows how much time you have – You could be charged for over running your dismantle time if it affects another event gaining access for set up of their event.

Content – if using an AV technician, how far in advance do they need the content to create any presentations. What format will they need it in? Advise all your content contributors of this as soon as possible so that they start off in the right way. This can save hours of formatting closer to the event, especially those inevitable last minute changes.

Professional assistance – ┬áIf using professional AV technicians, clearly establish what you are paying for before signing any contract. Make sure there are no hidden extras. What guarantee do they offer? Have you seen examples of their work for satisfied clients?

The small print – If using film clips, images or accompanying music, be aware of copyright laws and that you are not breaking them.

Following some of these tips will help ensure that you make the most of your AV requirements in delivering the message to your audience.

Good Luck!

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