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Finding the right venue for your next event need not be a major headache if you follow our 5 Top Tips:

1 – Start early! Venue finding can be a very time consuming exercise. It is never too early to start looking for a suitable venue. If you are thinking about hosting an event, then you can be sure that there are dozens of other companies thinking about hosting one also;

2 – Identify your objectives and format – what do you want to achieve from your event and how are you going to achieve it? Is it increased sales, sales recognition, employee motivation, product launch, customer appreciation day, etc?

3 – Attendees – How many people are you going to invite? Who will be attending – employees, existing customers, prospective customers, media, members of the public, any VIP’s or celebrities?

4 – Location, location, location – where do you want to host the event? Close to company offices; easy access from major road networks, train stations or airports or in a luxury countryside setting away from it all?

5 – Budget – Yes, this is important and needs to be realistic to your objectives? Has one been approved? How does it compare to other events you have arranged? What does the budget actually need to cover?

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