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You will have spent days even weeks confirming the finer details for your event, but have you though about how you will Welcome Your Guests? Below we reveal some helpful tips to make sure your guests First Impressions are a memorable one for the right reasons!

Look at it from the guests perspective
– Provide clear maps with detailed instructions of how to reach the venue, including address and postcode, key telephone numbers, parking arrangements and public transport options for major cities.

Get them in the Mood! Send some entertainers to your guests offices in the days before the event to generate additional anticipation for the event. Guaranteed to get guests excited and talking about the event before they even arrive.

Don’t make them wait – make sure there are plenty of staff available to check people in, take their coats and belongings and of course offer them their first drink!

“Famous Greeters” – Hire famous Look-a-likes linked to your theme to greet guests as they arrive. Taking this theme further, make sure the pretend paparazzi are on hand to capture the moment and include in your post event communication.

Get them in the Swing! – if having a themed event, have stalls of appropriate goodies available for purchase / charity donation, which will enhance the evening. For example, feather boas, hats and gloves for a 1920’s event.

If you follow some of these tips, you will have taken the first steps towards creating a memorable event which your guests will talk about for years to come. Enjoy!

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